Sacred Elements

Materials are mindfully sourced from around the world with a strong preference for ethical, sustainable goods and manufactures. We strive for a magical convergence of industrial and natural elements and use raw brass, copper, crystals, glass, metal, leather and stone. From our hand selected stone specimens, to our vintage deadstock chain, we create thoughtful and limited-run designs that accentuate the principles and design elements that each material evokes.


Ancient, Mystery, Fire, Meditation


Reflection, Transformation, Manifestation, Healing


Industrial, Raw, Grace, Physicality, Vibrant, Patina


Elegant, Ritual, Enchanted, Ancient

After Care

Most of our brass is raw and will organically patina overtime. We find great beauty in how this metal element naturally ages. If desired, antiqued brass at any time can easily be restored to a shiny luster with fine steel wool, brass polish or a metal polishing pad. 

Before engaging in extraneous activity please remove all pieces that contain semi-precious stones. 

Please keep all pieces away from water.